Somerset Metal Detecting, History and Archaeology of the Somerset Levels

Metal Detecting

Come along and join one of our fantastic metal detecting tours, giving you unique metal detecting access to the legendary lands of Avalon. 

Ours tours include:

  • High standard accommodation 
  • Knowledgeable guide
  • Access to lands across the Somerset Levels

Please contact us for further information, including available dates. 

A unique Landscape full of History has recently revealed some of its hidden treasures, including The Alfred Jewel, The Shapwick Hoard of Roman Daneri and The Frome Hoard of 52,503 roman coins. 

This is the Ancient land of legends known as Avalon. Alfred the Great sought refuge here and later signed the treaty of Edington at Wedmore. His adversary Guthren the Viking struck fear in the hearts of the native people. You can visit Wedmore church to view a plaque commemorating this history and defining moment.

Glastonbury and its Tor are steeped in the legend of King Arthur and today this mystery remains unproven. However Joseph of Arimathea planted The Holy Thorn right here in the heart of Somerset.